This post is in response to SMK comment in my previous article querying if Tanker market is overheating. Thank you SMK.


Indeed, the number of tankers has been increasing since oil price had headed in the opposite direction. The oil glut has led to on-land oil inventories rising to record levels. More and more ships are required not just to transport but also store oil. The rates are not fantastically high, but still one of the highest since year 2009. From the ground in which I met people in events, and also heard from friends, this fact has been ascertain. 2016 is expected to be a fantastic year for tanker industry, but is this sustainable?

Liftboats aka Self-Elevating Units (SEU)

Likewise, because of the oil price plunge resulting in lower Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) from oil companies in exploring green oilfields, many are betting that the money will be …