In my previous post, I wrote about how we distinguish between Financial Independence Funds and Retirement Funds. Although their purposes are not mutually exclusive, it’s the timeline of drawdowns that differentiates the two. Before age 65 – 70, we intend to rely on our Financial Independence Funds heavily to enjoy “financial freedom”. After age 65 – 70, we expect to rely more on our Retirement Funds to enjoy “retirement”. As such, the management of our Retirement Funds is something we do in the background now for future use.

Weekend trip to Penang
By the way, I went to Penang for the long weekend with my wife and enjoyed the great food, street art, sights and sounds etc. I decided to go with one of the most famous street art piece in Penang as the picture in this post just for me to remember how much fun we had!

Monthly CPF contributions
Anyway, back to how we …