No prizes for guessing what YOLO stands for.

Seriously, when i first saw the card, i was like, geez,…UOB credit department must be really desperate to think of a catchy name. And to be frank (no pun intended), i thought the OCBC Frank card was bad enough, but UOB YOLO is taking it to a another level.

Design is kinda funky too – the card numbers are on the side, rather than the usual bottom.

Anyway, not to sidetrack from the purpose of this post. I am sure most of you have the OCBC 365 or the likes for cash rebate. It may appeal to some, but not to others, depending in your spending pattern and the banking relationship with the bank (what accounts you have, etc etc)

I spend quite a fair bit on dining (especially overseas, since I don’t cook), hence the 8% (weekend) and 3% (weekday) is quite …