March has been an eventful month for the P2P industry with high profile loans being issued. While p2p loans are innovative, there is still one risk that remains – default.


March too has seen a few defaults. One of which has been covered by another blog. The company is a travel agency who has a few p2p loans.

Similarly, Moolahsense too has encountered a default on a bullet term loan by one of its issuers. And yours truly too has a late repayment by one of the companies in my p2p portfoilo.

What can we do?


The only probable way is to research on the company issuing the loan and diversify your portfoilo to minmise your risk. Letscrowdsmarter has  good write ups on beginners tips for p2p loans which you can read here and here.


Basically, what we individuals have to do is research more on …