It has been some time since I put up a stock that passes Triple S Scorecard.

So here is a stock that pass the Triple S Scorecard and one that I have watch-listed since it was at 0.850 per share during last September 2015.

In the end, I am only able to get 200 shares at 0.905 per share. Thus, to me, I deem that I have missed out on this stock as it has now rise to 1.005 per share.

Profile in Short

Fischer Tech Ltd manufactures and sells precision engineering plastic components for electronic products in China, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. It operates through two segments, High Precision Plastic Injection and Mould Design and Fabrication. The company offers precision plastic injection molds, high precision injection molding, laser marking, and decorative finishing for engineering components of automotive, computer peripherals, healthcare, and consumer product industries. It also …