Recently, we have seen/heard/felt plenty of privatisation M&A activities. There are a lot of buzz surrounding  quite a few companies. ie Sunningdale , Saizen, Tat Hong, Osim, etc just to name a few.

I came across a few tables from an OIR article  which I thought should share to readers below. It shows a pretty good summary of the various companies that MIGHT have corporate action in the near future, if not, by this year. (don’t take my word for it)

I have set aside a small percentage of my funds to be vested in some of these potential companies. These are so-called more on the “speculative” side, but of course , i will not be buying them blindly.

Those especially, related to the O&G industry have been beaten down, and has attractive valuations. Specifically looking for those with net cash, and may have been attempted before to be bought over or privatised, single …