This week in Parliament, DPM Teo announced that the starting salary for engineers joining the Public Service upon graduation will start from S$3,800 a month, and those in information and communications technology (ICT) from S$4,000, an average increase of 20 per cent. Existing remuneration of public service engineers will also be reviewed and raised if necessary. Reasons cited were high demand and low supply for ICT skills. The new engineers are required in public service (E.g. PUB, HDB etc) mainly to support infrastructure and development needs including transport and water systems, and the rest to support Smart Nation efforts. Foreigners hiring is also not discounted if there are insufficient Singaporeans to meet the demand. Refer here for more news.


With this raise in salary, fresh engineering graduates heading to public sectors will be immediately among the median salary S$40-50k p.a. range in Singapore. Refer to here