Chances are, if you know what “decoupling” is, you are  either a property agent or above a certain, ahem, middle age. =)

To put it very  simply, married couple (husband + wife) of HDB will have one spouse transfer the co-ownership to the other spouse. The spouse who transferred it, will have the his/her name “cleared”, and eligible to buy a private property under his/her own name. There will be no ABSD, since it is technically your first property. Hence a married couple can still own their HDB + private  property. (without paying ABSD)

Of course, you are solely dependent on each other’s trust,  don’t  end up in  divorce, and complicate the entire situation when time comes to splitting up the asset.  Personally, I don’t think couples who just got married, should consider this . (moot point now anyway, since the rule has changed)

I am not advocating any moves here. The purpose of …