*ring ring*

Me: Harlow?

Bob: Hello, Mr GMGH?

Me: *ahem ahem* Yes, speaking.

Bob: Hi Mr GMGH, this is Bob from your CFD brokerage.

Me: Oh hi Bob.

Bob: Hi Mr GMGH. I’m just calling to let you know that your account is in margin call…. for about the past month now. Are you aware of that?

Me: Of course Bob, you guys call me every few days to remind me that.

Bob: Ah yes, of course Mr GMGH, that’s what we’re supposed to do! Anyway, I need to notify you that your positions will be closed out once your account hits X% of your current margin position. Do you understand what this means?

Me: Yup, I understand.

Bob: All right Mr GMGH. Ideally you would want to top up your account so that you won’t be in margin call and have the possibility of your positions being closed because …