Stock Name No of Shares Current Price Current Value
Keppel Corp 1000 $5.400 $5,400
Accordia Golf Trust 9000 $0.645 $5,805
NeraTel 5000 $0.640 $3,200
AIMS AMP Capital Industrial Reit 3000 $1.395 $4,185
Cash $680
Total Value $19,270

I had added 3000 shares of AIMS AMP Capital Industrial Reit into my portfolio this month. Keppel Corp had recently go into XD on 22nd April, so there is a drop in the portfolio value and the recent recovery of NeraTel and Accordia Golf Trust had increased my portfolio position by 4.3% as compared to last month. Cash on hand had dropped to $680 due to the purchase of AIMS AMP Reit, but I will be looking to increase through the dividend that will be collected in May and June.

This morning, NeraTel had declared that they are in the advanced stage of discussions with a third party …