1. Change Strategic section Unrealized to represent a percentage of the total cost of Non-Strategic section
2. Strategically increased holding of First REIT at $0 cost by 0.794%, reducing holding price from $0.6163 to $0.6114
3. Strategically increased holding of MapletreeCom Trust at $0 cost by 10.71%, reducing total cost for Strategic section from $0.0979/share to $0.0951/share
4. Entitled Kep Reit dividend of 1.68 cents/share or scrip
5. Received CapitaMall Trust dividend of 2.73 cents/share
6. Received First REIT dividend of 2.11 cents/share
7. Received KepCorp dividend of 22 cents/share
8. Entitled FrasersCom Trust dividend of 2.4526 cents/share or scrip
9. Received Frasers Cpt Trust dividend of 3.039 cents/share
10. Received MapletreeInd Trust dividend of 2.81 cents (scrip dividend scheme suspended)
11. Entitled MapletreeCom Trust dividend of 2.02 cents/share or scrip
12. Strategically reduced cost of Strategic …