Warning – very egotistical post ahead with nothing new, but stuff you knew already.

The other day Rolf Suey dropped a fitting comment to my post  “Is having more money important to make you happier? Let’s put it into perspective

He quipped “after you are flush with cash, u want even higher authority so that u want to be become a president!

My response was “Yeah, president of my ME Pte. Ltd.

Why did I write that?

Paradigm shift: In this information age our most valuable asset is our earning ability.  Lifelong learning is compulsory to stay employable.  We have to continuously upgrade our skills and replace old skills with new ones.

This is certainly not doing something for others.

Today nobody can expect lifelong employment, but each one of us can create lifelong employability.

This requires a mindset change from seeing us as an employee …