I wrote a reply to an email from a reader but I think it could well be a letter of encouragement to all readers of ASSI.

So, with a few changes, here it is:

“Dear readers,

“Knowledge is power and self knowledge is the most under rated. If you understand this and if you have greater self knowledge, you will become stronger. We are all different and have different circumstances.

“Sometimes, people are encouraged and, sometimes, people are discouraged by AK’s achievements.

“Those who are discouraged might wonder how did AK amass his wealth and whether they would be able to do it too?

“There is a blog post (or a few) in ASSI on this. I shared quite openly. I think some will remember.

“I am sure everyone who invests in sound income producing assets will do better over time. Really? How can I be sure?

“Well, did AK expect that he would do so well today …