Gen Y or Millenials (the cooler sounding name). That’s me!

Picture from Huffingtonpost

An article (see here: Survey: 2 in 3 young people have not started investing) in the Sunday Times by GYC got me thinking.

I am unsure of the intent of the survey but I assue that it is meant to set younger people thinking about the purpose of investing and hopefully, more will be receptive.

If the earlier generation, say, the parents of millennials are already finding it difficult to save for retirement, I can’t help but fear how we, millennials, will fare.

Not knowing how to invest

The young people of my time grew up in an environment where information is easily accessible. So it came as a shock when I saw in the article that one of the reasons cited were a ‘lack of financial knowledge’. Out of the 2 people, 61 per cent do …