Buying and Selling Bullion: Beginners Guide (Guest Post)


Buying and selling gold or silver bullion is a fairly simple process, however there are several factors beginners should keep in mind prior to investing and offloading precious metals. Remember, gold bullion refers to either gold coins or bars (ingots) of at least 99.95% purity. Bear in mind that when you buy bullion, you take physical possession of it, so storage is a key factor.

Read on to find out how to successfully buy and sell bullion.

  1. Know your goals and risk profile before jumping into the market. Like any investment, you need to consider important matters such as whether you plan to be in it for the shorter or longer term, how much you can afford to invest safely and how your bullion purchase will complement the other sectors of your portfolio.
  1. Learn about the historical performanceand role of gold in financial markets. Many …
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