My recent encounters in my workplace had a recurrent theme, that problem solvers advance faster in their careers. Here are the 3 stories.

Story 1

2 new colleagues, A and B joined my company recently and they were assigned to a project. A seems inquisitive as he asks many questions, while B looks thoughtful and usually reserves his comments. As they are sitting close to me, many of their conversations goes like this.
A: “Look at this, it is giving me error.”
B: “Let’s backtrack, what were you doing before the error came out?”
A: “I was doing the testing and realised the first one will pass but not the second. So I changed my method and the problem stays the same..”
Silence while B looks at A’s computer screen.
B: “Why not you try this way?”
A: “Ah.. Got it.”
A is a manager …