By now, many readers have found out that AK bought an “inexpensive expensive” car.  Why the peculiar phrase?

Well, the car might be from an “atas” brand but it is rather inexpensive to run and it is also less costly to the environment. Yup, the car runs on diesel.

I love my new car and if you are wondering what is so good about a car that runs on diesel, here are 5 reasons to consider one:

1. Diesel cars are less expensive to buy than their equivalent petrol versions with the CEVS. What is CEVS? Carbon Emission-Based Vehicle Scheme. Cars that produce less CO2 will enjoy subsidies and it could be a big $XX,XXX deal!

2. Amazing fuel economy! I could get as much as 20km per litre with relatively smooth traffic on the expressways. What about driving about town? If not caught in a traffic jam, I could get as much as 15km per litre…