Stock Name No of Shares Current Price Current Value
Keppel Corp 2000 $5.430 $10,860
Accordia Golf Trust 9000 $0.650 $5,850
ST Engineering 1000 $3.210 $3,210
Total Value $19,920

I had recently divested my NeraTel and AIMS AMP Reit in my portfolio and added another 1000 shares of Keppel Corp and ST Engineering this month. The reason I choose to divest NeraTel is, their payment solution business had sold to Paris-based Ingenico Group for S$88 million. Payment solution business although contributed 26% of Company’s revenue which is not really that significant. But however, this payment solution business is very easy to predict their income generating and the revenue is recurring. Once they sold this asset, it is very hard to predict the growth of NeraTel. Are they able to continue giving a 5% dividend payout to their shareholders after this episode?

As for AIMS AMP Reit, I choose …