Psst. I’m gonna teach you how to get free food at McDonald’s. You ready?

You see, I visit McDonald’s at least twice a week to blog. Some people work at Starbucks, others do better at the library, but I get my creative juices flowin at Mickey Ds.

They’ve got free wifi, cheap coffee ($2.60 for their premium roast black coffee + unlimited refills is Singapore’s best kept secret), and just enough background noise to work in. I also have a hack that I’ve been using for years to score free or discounted food and drinks at McDonald’s.

I’ve used it to get free Ribena chills and Cokes, 1-for-1 chicken mcnuggets, free cheeseburgers, 1-for-1 McSpicy burgers… and loads more.

Free food is nice, but you can also use that same principle to earn airline miles to score every traveller’s dream: Free flights. If that sounds good to you, read on.