I wonder what it is with branded goods, why everyone seems to want to own it to elevate their status and position in the society. I thought cash is more important but apparently, your face value is very important too.
I have a high income earner friend who is at the top 1%. She has all the things I do not have. Her Prada purse costs more than $3000, her Gucci bag more than $5000, her Mercedes Benz costs around S$200k.

Sometimes I feel a bit out of league talking to her.

When I buy presents for my friends, I am speaking in the budget lower than $100. When she buys gifts for her close ones, it’s more than $1000. Even shopping with her, I go for clothes cheaper than $100. Her normal range costs upwards of $500. Shopping with her is definitely a good experience as I have never thought of going to those shops at all…