Without a doubt, Financial Independence (FI) is like the Holy Grail for most, if not all investors.

The ultimate destination!

The ROME! (and as the saying goes : all roads lead to Rome)

The question is : Even if you’ve amassed a size-able fortune and has officially attained the FI status (basing on your own definition or the $x in your mission statement), so what?

Do you think your life will change drastically after that? 

Would you become more spendthrift because you are more than comfortable to?

Would you enjoying or appreciating life more? 

Would you be more generous because you are able to? 

And the list goes on….(you get the idea)

Personally, I don’t foresee that our mentality (towards life) will not be drastically changed even if we have attained the FI status i.e.:

You will still eat at the …