Wow, goodness gracious. I can’t believe that it has been a year already! It felt like I had just received a letter from Aviva regarding my rebate just a few months back. But it’s already been a year!

Last year my rebate from Aviva was $40.47 and it reduced my SAF GTL cost from $307.20 to $266.73. A reduction of 13%!

Well, guess what? This year the rebate was huge!


I find that rather strange because I am paying just $307.20 for the SAF GTL insurance and I am quite sure that the riders do not count. Even if they do, it is $60 each. That makes my insurance cost $427.20.

A $119.22 rebate of $307.20 premium is a massive 39% rebate!
A $119.22 rebate of $427.20 premium is a still a huge 28% rebate!

I’m not complaining about …