Bukit Sembawang Estates Ltd has recently release their latest full year 2016 financials. I have shared previously in 2 separate posts why I invest in this company.

Upon release the financials, the share price has jumped from 4.44 to 4.77 within 5 days – Awakening the Giant!

So let’s review what was stated in the latest financials:

–          The company has decided to keep to their aggressive dividend policy (YESHHH…33 Cents per Share) despite net profit dropping significantly.

–          The company balance sheet continue to remain debt-free.

–          Today’s price of 4.660 is still below its Net Current Asset Value by more than 5%.

So Although I made gains but I am keeping and not selling because…

  1. Debt-Free – It still remains one of the developers in Singapore that do not have any debt in its balance sheet. This is significant because the …