Using the Securities Borrowing and Lending Scheme (SBL), I have successfully shorted Sinograndness (SFIG) today at 0.700. Here were some takeaway from this first experience.

1. Long Processing Time

Being my first experience, I asked to short SFIG on 7 June 2016 @ 1030 hrs, thinking I could execute the trade immediately at 0.770. Unfortunately, my trading representative informed me the process was not immediate and they had to put up inquiry with CDP to borrow the shares first and then deliver to me.

The whole process took almost a whole day and it was only at 8 June 2016 @0915hrs, was I informed the shares have been delivered to me. I had to endure the long wait and eventually settled for a short order at 0.700. All in all, I have learnt that using SBL to short is a tedious process. And if I needed shorting to be done soon, it …