Just like to highlight the recent share price dropped for Best World International Limited.


Best World International Limited is a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes skincare, personal care, nutritional, and wellness products worldwide. The company operates through Direct Selling, Export Sales, and Manufacturing/Wholesale segments.

It is basically a MLM company (similar to that of Amway) that sell personal care products through direct sales channels. They have expanded their presences to many other countries recently. There are lots of discussion on Valuebuddies on this stock recently.

What Happened?

During the last 2 days, the price has dropped from the peak of $1.450 per share to almost $0.900 per share, then it returned back to $1.135 per share on Friday.

The Changes In The Share Price Over 5 Days
I don’t really know the real reason for the drop in share price. But it could be related …