This article will serve as a competitor analysis or follow-up of my recent article on My S.W.O.T Analysis For Wee Hur (E3B). I was highlighted about this company by one of our readers and thought it would make for a great article to compare how these two companies differ.


  1. Net-Net Positive
  2. Skin In The Game

Net-Net Positive

Similar to Wee Hur, Chip Eng Seng(CES) also enjoys a positive Net-Net, thanks to its Current Asset heavy and Fixed Asset light structure. However, Chip Eng Seng doesn’t enjoy the same benefit of it’s net-net/share to be greater than existing share price of S$0.64. But nonetheless, CES remains in a good cash position to take up opportunities that arises with 442m of the 1.37b current assets in cash.

Skin In The Game

Management has a good amount of skin in the game and I like …