It seems every year, a major infrastructural project is being planned/constructed in this island of ours. One of the latest this year was the announcement of the construction of T5 Changi Airport.

As an investor, is there any company on the SGX which we can invest in?

Structural Steel Space


On the SGX, there are two listed companies (TTJ & Yongnam) in these structural steel related industry. Firstly, what is structural steel? Basically, it involves creating structural shapes from steel for construction projects. Its is widely applied for construction activities in Singapore. And naturally, it refers to infrastructural projects which our government is dishing out in the billions.

Interestingly, while these 2 structural steel companies, the business strategy they have adopted is vastly different.

TTJ & Yongnam

TTJ is the smaller of the two listed companies. Revenue wise, it is smaller than Yongnam; however due to its focus on …