The result of the latest industrial trust based on Australian long lease assets is out.

Turns out that when DBS runs the public offer, the small time investors have a bite of the cherry.

50:50 means out of 50 people 50 of them get their allocation. For those that applied 5000 to 9900, they were allocated 2000 units. There were 1868 successful applicants.

I got a feeling this would not do well on the opening day so those who failed to get enough might get their chance.

This able is taken from local finance education firm Motley FooL of those companies that IPO in 2013:

What was good then might not be good hindsight speaking today. Top Performer Overseas Education is back to its IPO price. Most of them are not  doing so well.

In contrast, when Japanese mall business trust Croesus Retail Trust IPO, the public offer was 48 …