Come 20 June 2016, Singaporeans can check if they are eligible for the GST Voucher 2016 handout!

You can check it here: GSTVoucher2016.

On top of the regular GST voucher, there is a one-off Cash Special Payment this year.

I was surprised that I was eligible for it last year even before crossing my 21st birthday.

I’m all hands up for handouts! I hope I am eligible again! Of course, it must be done with consideration for the country’s wealth. I’m confident that the government has considered that. The additional one-off voucher (which will costs $280 million) will help Singaporeans a little more this year.

Some personal thoughts

I was searching for more info and I came across the article. He quipped that” if we spend some of these in our neighbourhood shops, it will support our local businesses as well! Gratitude for Mr Heng. …