Last week, I blogged about how it’s lame when fresh grads say, “I wanna earn $4k!”, with absolutely zero basis. I showed you a specific strategy on how to figure out the job to target, research the market rate, and set your ambitious salary target that’s won’t cause the interviewer to laugh in your face.

But wait – an ambitious salary? How do you justify a salary that’s higher than everyone else? Definitely not in the same way that everyone else is doing, like in this STJobs article:

Yu Lan, 26, a student from Nanyang Technological University, is one of them who thinks that her starting salary should be at least $4,000 as she has “strong analysis skills and trouble-shooting ability”.

On the other hand, 25-year-old Samuel Tan expects to be paid up to $4,000 in starting salary as other jobs he has applied to offer similar payouts. Other …