Debt is often one of the biggest hurdles we face when it comes to financial matters. I’m going to chronicle how I hope to eventually slay this monster in my life at the moment.

My current debt monster consists of the following ugly creatures :

– Personal loan : $ 37,500 (Interest rate of 9% p.a.)

– Unsecured credit line : $ 28,500  (interest rate of 4.5 % p.a.)

Total : $ 66,000

Woah, shit that sure is a mountain of debt ain’t it? Now how I wish I had used that debt to do something a whole lot more productive than to fund my over eager stock investments journey.

Anyways right now I devote about 25% of my monthly income to try and reduce these debts as soon as practicable. I intend to channel whatever extra income I could spare in the next few …