Singapore is great at churning out high-quality academic graduates but I wonder how many of us have Financially Graduated. Of course, the term ‘Financial Graduation’ doesn’t properly exists because people don’t care enough about it. (And perhaps because I just came up with it.) Financial Graduation is simply the progression from a lower tier to a higher tier of learning. Very much similar to the academic progression that we are familiar with, broken down into 3 stages, Primary, Secondary and University. It’ll just be a fun read for the weekend, but I hope this article spurs you into a thinking frenzy and begin questioning yourself where are you exactly at.

Financial Primary School

Basic Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division (ASMD)

Recall the time back in our primary school when we are exposed to simple things like 1+1=2 or 5×4=20. Financial Primary School is the same, it’s basic. …