BREXIT. BREXIT. BREXIT. This seems to be the only buzzword dominating the news these days. And rightfully so, because BREXIT was described and predicted as the single and greatest financial risk that will happen to the financial markets in history. Well, the good thing about BREXIT is that there is actually a fixed date to ascertain its occurrence. Therefore, companies can act with certainty and draw up a strategy for BREXIT. For instance, many companies, especially banks, actually booked hotels and set up buffet lines so that their staff can pull all-nighters in the offices and monitor the EU Referendum. So knowing that the EU Referendum was going to take place on 23 June 2016, what was Heartland Boy’s strategy for BREXIT?

Review and Tweak your Portfolio before BREXIT

Given Heartland Boy’s short investing record, he has only witnessed one calamitous financial event thus far- China’s Black Monday on 24 August …