In investing, there is always something to worry about. Unless you are leaving in a cave and has cut off all contacts with civilization, you will no doubt be aware of some of the news pertaining to the world economy, stock markets, interest rates, companies, etc.

From the macro point of view, these include:

  • Brexit (and the future repercussions – or more EU members exiting);
  • Federal Reserve interest rates hikes
  • World economy slow down. Sluggish economy despite negative interest rates in some countries (eg. Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan);
  • Crude oil prices prolong plunge
  • US market overvalued.

From a micro view, I can also worry about the stocks in my portfolio. One can never fully predict the future of the business. For instance, consider the following:


  • Significant net decrease of inspections p.a. for the next 3 years which will affect the vehicle inspection segment.
  • Setsco’s business is also …