I just like to give a short update on Ellipsiz Ltd.

As of today, there was a low ball offer of $0.380 from the CEO.

I have seem low ball offers of my watchlist stock, such as Zagro Asia Ltd, happened before and succeed. But this is my first opportunity of receiving a general offer and I am still excited (even if it is a low ball one).

Anyway I have written about Ellipsiz Ltd previously, which you can read about it.

So now I have 3 choices:

  1. Yes, I will sell.
    2. No and I will ignore.
    3. Wait and see, hope for a higher offer.

To decide, I will based my decision on the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard (Do note that Ellipsiz Ltd remains one of the stocks that pass the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard):

Based on 3rd Quarter of FY 2016 results, we note …