Halftime Review of my Portfolio (2016)

My investing performance for 2016 has been poor so far. Due to my large exposure to the O&G sector though Penguin Holdings, my portfolio has taken a beating. While total portfolio value has increased slightly from last year’s, it has been mainly due to my constant injection of fresh capital (averages about $3,000 monthly).


Winning the battlefront/Losing the War


Spook by Yongnam’s under subscription of rights, I have quickly sold off my recently converted shares at 0.215. My gut feeling is that Yongnam may be priced even more attractively in the future and hence I have decided to lay off for now. In addition, through active monitoring of the tanker industry, I have decided to divest a partial stake in FSL Trust for a profit. While I have indeed made numerous small gains from Yongnam/ Silverlake/FSL/Accordia, the losses on Penguin and China Fishery have balanced the scale ( Have decided to write off …

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