Temasek is buying out the ‘troubled’ transport firm SMRT at S$1.68 – valuing the company at about S$2.56B. Because Temasek owns 54.1%, they have to pay about S$1.18B for the remaining stake.

Readers of my blog would have known I bought SMRT back in 2014 at an average cost of about $1.02 and sold the same year at $1.49. I left a comment and highlighted that the non-fare segment of the company seemed attractive as follows:

Comment: Quite lucky here as a short while from my initial purchase, the price spiked up due to government’s announcement about the new model. Nevertheless, the price at S$1.02 was clearly undervalued. The non-fare segment of the company was rather attractive too. Considering the nature and moat of the business, I probably run the risk that I’ve sold too low at S$1.49. Price now is S$1.58.

Some SMRT …