I can’t quite figure it out. Why is Menya Musashi so much better than Ajisen? I’m referring to their ramen. Menya Musashi’s offer a range of “white”, “black” and “red” ramen. The “red” ramen is probably for the masochists. I go with the “black” – it has a strong onion flavour. Burp.

The more cozy look and feel of Menya Musashi outlets are a lot more interesting, giving a more Japan-like “feel”. Even the service staff seems a lot more motivated. Perhaps the smaller stalls allow them to provide a more steady rate of service? Or maybe they are better paid?

Or perhaps it’s just the locales. Different place, different service?

Both are part of Japan Food Holdings. I think they should just consider replacing the Ajisen’s with Menya Musashi’s.

Japan Food hasn’t been doing well of late on the stock market. It has been going downhill all the way …