If I am to describe myself as an investor now, I will probably be an index investor. It has since been about 9 months ago that I subscribed to Invest-Saver. There were a couple of reasons that got me started.

Firstly, I wanted to get started with stocks, secondly, learn about investing with a small capital and lastly, to discipline myself financially.

9 months on, how did it fare?

Dollar-Cost Averaging

$100 goes into the RSP monthly, except for June’s amount of $200.

Total Investment Costs and Cumulative Portfolio Value as of 30 July

Capital Gains/Losses as of 30 July
There were dividends of $2.93 in January and $10.59 in July.
Total Return is $17.64 as of 29/7/16 which includes the dividends minus the commission costs. (Note that a few months back, the STI was really volatile and Total Return was …