Some investors shrug off penny stocks as they deem that these stocks are riskier. On the other hand, there are investors who prefer to invest in billion-dollar stocks as they deem that these are stocks belonging to companies which have an established presence. While the latter statement is somehow true, but over the years, we have seen how billion-dollar cap companies can also be “victims” of global stocks markets rout or slump in commodity, energy or shipping industries.

Nevertheless, it is still tempting to consider billion-dollars caps stock which are now trading at low prices. Here are ten of the SGX-listed stocks which are trading within 5% of their 52-week trading lows.

1) Prudential plc stock at 4.6% higher

2) Frasers Centerpoint stock at 4.5% higher

3) Bumitama Agri stock Group at 4.5% higher

4) HPL stock Limited at 3.9% higher

5) Top Glove stock at …