Many are worried about BREXIT and what it could do to an already anemic global economy. Many are also worried about the high level of liquidity in the system becoming more elevated and how ineffective it is in addressing the global economic malaise.

  • Reader:

Notice that you have been accumulating stocks. Do you think that in the current climate the prices are distorted? The sentiment and the stock price seem to diverge. Also there is no optimism and extreme pessimism. But there are some heighten risk. Eg. Long term bonds seem to be over valued, EU seem weaker with the BREXIT and may trigger the rest of countries to exit euro, euro banks having high NPL, and current monetary policy seem ineffective.

  • Are you only nibbling? Or buying in big quantities? Mind if you share how the allocation of cash in this climate i.e. Your warchest. Small, moderate or large amount of cash allocation?…