I seldom publish a new blog post so soon after my last one yesterday. But today is a special day.

Credit: aninvitinghome.com

It is Singapore’s birthday! It is also my first time going to the Parade at the new indoor stadium on the actual National Day.

It is my “last” in several ways too. My last month as a school teacher, my last time enjoying 2 days of paid holidays (10/8 is a school holiday, yay!), likely my last time as a full time, highly paid employee.

The Departure Chronicles: Giving notice

The Departure Chronicles: Reflections of my 13 years

If the median household income in Singapore is $8500 (including CPF), as a single person, I am earning more than that. I have tendered my notice and starting from September, will have zero active income.

I am transiting from upper middle income to a 平凡人. Hearing this song on the radio resonates …