How to be Rich without being a millionaire?

I had a look at the top 50 richest Singaporeans who have made it to the Forbes 2016 list. These are the richest of the rich in Singapore with more than few hundreds millions of US dollars on net worth. Once again, top of the list are names of property and banking magnates. What struck me (but it is a trend anyway) are those who are in the list because of their new media businesses and these rich are comparatively young. Mr Tan Min-Liang of Razor Inc made it to the list with a net worth of some US $600 million dollars. It is cool, isn’t it? The co-founder of Facebook who has since relocated here is also an entrant.In my personal opinion, unless one opens a profitable business which is scalable too, it is not easy to be in the league of those with hundreds of millions dollars …

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