Why Am I Analysing Jobs?

Two reasons.

Firstly, as a budding self-employed, there’s always a nagging fear (albeit small) that one day, my customers and work might dry up.

Dwindling tuition or writing assignments until the day I become obsolete in my current industry. And what if this happens before the day I have socked away enough to declare myself financially independent?!

Therefore, it’s almost imperative to look at alternatives. About half a year ago, I actually explored the possibility of becoming a taxi driver.

Secondly, if I attain Financial Independence (FI) before the age of 40, I seriously doubt I would still be a tutor by my early fifties.

After all, one of the main perks of achieving FI relatively early (i.e. before 50) is the ability to experience “multiple lifetimes”. Try out different vocations, ranging from a taxi driver, a librarian or even a zookeeper!

And since I …