This is a fascinating and interesting book by Randall Mundroe , a former NASA roboticist with a degree in Physics and also the author of xkcd:volume 0( a stick-figure webcomic ).

Munroe get thousands of questions submitted by readers and he answers a modest subset of those that not only pique his interest but are amusing and offer the potential to use real science to explore concepts, the world around us, and day-to-day mysteries of life and the universe.

What makes Munroe’s work so fantastic is a combination of two elements: his commitment to trying to answer even the weirdest question with solid science, and his undeniable sense of humor.

As quoted in the introduction of his book “ … I eventually left NASA to draw comics full-time , but my interest in science and math didn’t fade. Eventually, it found a new out-let , answering the Internet’s weird- and sometimes worrying …