There were few actions on the investment front this month, making it two quiet months in a row.

The same can be said about the market. The STI Index continued to yo-yo between 2800-3000. Since we are at the lower end of that range now, I am poised to turn some cash into equities.

In fact, with the subscription of the MCT rights I was entitled to and the excess rights, my cash position reduced by about $5,700.

Yup, few actions doesn’t mean no action. Even the decision not to act is an act itself, no? =p

1. Core Portfolio

Berkshire B is finally coming down after hitting $150 a few weeks ago.

Yes, I am definitely looking to add if it drops below $140 as I am still quite far from the desired overseas exposure.

The value of this portfolio declined barely by about $100. Just to reiterate that the market is just …