Yes, I am back to Singapore after a short getaway with family at Southern Thailand (Dannok and Hatyai). As this is the first time that I went Thailand by car, it’s quite an experience which I will trasure.

Some highlights of the trip:

  1. First hand experience of the laxness of Thailand custom, it is truly eye-opening. We literally drove through the border (and stop our car over at Dannok, Thailand), then walk back to the custom (short distance) to stamp our passport. Yes, this is a true story…
  1. If you like theme-park with mixture of Western and Eastern themes, can consider the Asian Cultural Village situated at Dannok, Thailand (just within 5 minutes drive from the border). Lots of amazing lighting and statues etc..and they also throw in a couple of dinosaurs to please the kids.
  1. Have a sumptuous dinner at …