After my 2 posts on property outlook, I was heartened to see Singapore Business Review post some “expert” opinions over the past week that backed my opinion up. Anyway, today’s topic is a much more light-hearted one involving 2 companies that have been hogging the headlines in recent week – Samsung and Apple.

Samsung and Apple are among the biggest companies in the world with market caps of around USD$190B and USD$620B respectively.

Apple had released their brand new Iphone 7 earlier this month. While hardcore fans of Apple are naturally celebrating, Iphone 7 was roundly panned by critics. The biggest criticism of which revolves around their lack of phone headjack, which they offered to resolve with their USD$159 Air Pods. Looks and value aside, I would like to wish the best of luck to those who lose one half of their Air Pods!

Just as Apple’s investors were …