Cambridge Industrial Trust has entered a $100 million unsecured loan facility with HSBC. The loan consists of a $25 million term loan facility and a S$75 million revolving loan facility. Usually when a REIT takes up a loan, there will be a few questions in my mind.

  1. Did the REIT run into debt?
  2. Is the REIT expanding or acquiring new property?

Why did Cambridge Industrial Trust take up a loan?

The term loan of S$25 million will be used to refinance the existing facility granted by National Australia Bank Limited. The S$75 million revolving loan will be used to finance Cambridge Industrial Trust working capital.

Let us look at the debt maturity profile based on 1H2016 results. We can see that S$72 million debt is due in 2017. Most probably, Cambridge Industrial Trust is starting to refinance the loan that is due soon in 2017.

What is Term Loan?

A …