Note: This ISN’T a sponsored post. Sometimes I just like sharing cool stuff I use.

Whenever my friends find out that I blog about money, they invariably come up to me and ask, “Sooooooo… which savings account is the best, ah?

Gah. Do all my friends think that I spend my weekends meticulously comparing bank interest rates?

Most people automatically assume that the best savings account = the one with the highest interest rate. WRONG.

High interest rates are nice, but they don’t matter as much as you think. They’re nice to have, but not absolutely essential – Kinda like the new wireless earphone feature for the new iPhone 7 that everyone is going batshit over.

Instead of being lame and obsessing over things that don’t matter, I want to share with you the 3 simple criteria I use when evaluating savings accounts. I’ll also tell you which one I currently use, …